About enolcon

As a small dynamic company we can not offer the basic properties of a huge enterprise, with all its complicated structures and rules and limited responsibilities and limited room for own decisions.
But we can offer the freedom to work on demanding and promising subjects and to gain fast responsibility for interesting and challenging international projects. Due to the fact that a Know-How-company like enolcon is always a step ahead and needs to stay ahead, the continuous training and development of the knowledge and skills of our team members is an important asset for us.

The basic of our compensation package is not lower than in other companies, the direct participation at the success of enolcon and your work has a clear stronger impact on your salary than it would be the case in other companies.

Interested ? ---- We always look for highly qualified new team members.

We can always offer master's students interesting topics for their master's thesis. You are also welcome to submit your own topics, we will be happy to support and assist you - provided your topic fits enolcon.

If you would like to take the opportunity to work on a corresponding dissertation in addition to your master's degree, we will be glad to assist you. You would not be the first enolcon employee to successfully write your industrial dissertation with us.

We look forward to you.

Actual Job offers

Working students and also students for a master's thesis are always welcome!

Contact us.