enolcon has successfully implemented a large number of projects and work in the last more than 10 years. The listing and presentation would go beyond the scope of this website. We would be glad to provide you with relevant references. Therefore, please contact us.

Below are some examples of projects in which enolcon had a central role in project development or implementation: The CSP power plant Ilanga 1 in South Africa (in operation since December 2018), the waste-to-energy plant in Bremen (renewal of boiler and steam turbine, full again since 2013 in operation). The new SCR II DENOx plant at Currenta in Bremen has been in operation since January 2019, enolcon was the owner engineer with the lead in process engineering and has been with the system for the first few years of operation. Among other projects, enolcon is currently playing a central role in the construction of a combined cycle CHP power plant with approx. 70 MWe in the UK.

Another reference is project management and planning a high temperature thermal energy storage at the University of Bayreuth. The plant (project name ORCTES) has been operating successfully since the end of 2015.

One actual project is a complete thermal oil system which supplies a new manufactury for Li-Ion-batteries with heat for drying units, clean rooms, coating machines and the chemical area. Elements of the thermal oil system are several large thermal oil boilers, hydraulic distribution unit, expansion vessel-system, main pipes with several km length and also the 'Hook-up', meaning the connection to the heat user. The main part of the thermal oil system is successful in operation since end of 2022. In year 2023 the thermal oil pipes around the coating machines will be installed and commissioned. 

A further project of enolcon is the project management on behalf of the client for a new waste-to-energy plant at a paper mill. This WTE-plant consists of a stationary fluidized bed combustion with flue gas cleaning system, two shell tube boilers, a steam turbine, the fuel handling with reception, storage and fuel preparation (shredder, seive, metal separation, transportation systems), as well as all other lots (Electrical, Balance of Plant, water treatment and condensate polishing, mechanical drying of aerobic sludge etc.). The project is in the detail engineering phase and the permit is expected for Summer 2023. The commissioning will be in year 2025.