Dr. Hartmut Maier is, just as his enolcon co-partner Dr. Günter Schneider, for more than 29 years engaged within the energy sector, as well as in the energy Management and power plant sector. His fascination for energy and power plant technology dates from his adolescence.

During his studies of mechanical engineering at the University of Stuttgart, Dr. Maier has completed a part of his first mandatory internship at the power Plant Marbach of the former Energieversorgung Schwaben AG (EVS) (today: EnBW). During his advanced study period he majored in the subjects control technology and power plant engineering. In the subject power plant engineering Dr. Maier also wrote his diploma thesis.

After finishing his studies Dr. Maier started his employment as scientific assistant at the Institute of Process Engineering and Boiler Technology (IVD) at the University of Stuttgart (today: Institute of combustion and power plant technology -ifk) Thereafter he was mainly engaged in the coal dust and biomass combustion. In 1993 Dr. Maier was appointed as head of the division Process Engineering at the IVD. In this position he was responsible for the conventional pilot plants of the IVD.

Over his period as scientific assistant of Prof. Dr. R. Doležal and later of Prof. Dr. K.R.G Hein Dr. Maier was involved in several national and international projects. Consecutively he was responsible for the coordination of larger projects and project teams within project clusters of the European Commission, as e.g. the JOULE program. In 1997 Dr. Maier did his PhD as titled “The impact of coal grinding on the coal combustion”.

In 1998 Dr. Maier started working for the Finnish utility company Fortum (formerly: IVO). In collaboration with Dr. Schneider he completed the power plant project by Wacker-Chemie in Burghausen with 120 MW electric power and 380t/h steam generation. After the appointment of Dr. Schneider into the management of Fortum Energie GmbH in Hamburg, Dr. Maier did overtake the management of the power plant project company in Burghausen. Furthermore Dr. Maier was involved in the project development of further industry projects of Fortum, as e.g. the development and contract placing of the biomass combined heat and power plant Herbrechtingen.

In 2002 Dr. Maier changed to E.ON Energy Projects (EEP) in Munich. During his employment for E.ON from 2002 to 2005 he completed as responsible manager the gas and steam cogeneration plant Grenzach-Wyhlen at the location of Roche (afterwards: DSM). Moreover he was significantly involved in the development of the project Leipa Schwedt / Oder which incorporated a large refused derived fuel (RDF) fired combined heat and power plant up to the awarding of the general contractor contract.

His change to Koch Transporttechnik GmbH in Wadgassen at the beginning of 2006 involved at the same time a change over from the utility section to the international facility engineering and construction. In his function as Head of the division power plants he was responsible for the project development and bid proposal management for complete power plants as well as for specific power plants auxiliary facilities.

In the beginning of 2007 Dr. Maier followed his today´s partner at enolcon, Dr. Günter Schneider, to the M+W Zander FE GmbH in Stuttgart. As Head of the new business unit “Energy Solutions” he was responsible for the development of this new business unit and its successful establishment as an independent business area within the M+W Zander group. Besides conventional power plant projects the focus was set on renewable energies, such as power generation with concentrated solar power (CSP) and biomass gasification with a multi-stage reforming process based on the “Blue Tower”-Technology. In cooperation with the Novatech BioSol AG until the beginning of 2009 the industrial CSP power plant Puerto Errado I in Murcia/ Spain based on the linear Fresnel Technology was built and commissioned. The Blue Tower Technology was further developed in cooperation with the Technology Partner Blue Tower GmbH and on this basis in the beginning of 2009 the realization of a demonstration plant on the former coal-mine Ewald in Herten was started.

By means of his entry into the management of enolcon on October 1st 2009 Dr. Maier enforces his long time partner Dr. Günter Schneider with his multifaceted professional experiences in the fields of energy management, energy and power plant technology and international facility engineering and construction.